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We offer luxury private tours to ancient Olympia which is really one of the most educational and interesting sites you will visit in Ilia and the western Peloponnese where is flowing the famous river Alpheus. This private tour will last the whole day and will allow you to experience the air of prehistorical, classical, Roman, the Byzantine empirical and the modern age Greece in a single day visit to the beautiful place – Ancient Olympia.

Our air conditioned Mercedes taxis will move to Olympia while passing through Peloponnese and the cities of Megalopolis and Tripolis. You will comfortably arrive with Athens transfer tours to Olympia, the birth place of the ancient Olympic Games which is now celebrated every four year. From visiting the Archaeological Site and the Museum to the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus and the Ancient Stadium, you will be able to do everything in this private taxi tour.

Olympia has a significant place in Greece’s history, was the place of origin of the historical Olympic Games. It connects you to the time when Lykourgos of Sparta, Kleosthenes of Pisa and king of Elis reorganized the Games as a mark of honor to Zeus and introduce the practice of burning the consecrated truce “ekecheiria” during the commencement of the Olympic Games. The reputation of Olympia city is due to the Olympic Games, the most popular national event which is celebrated throughout the world. You can even travel around the sanctuary of Zeus, Altis and the actual stadium of the Olympic Games which continue to attract tourists from every region of this world.

Have a great travel experience including the places of great historical importance and the point of origin of the Olympic truce. No doubt, you will get a chance to take a run around the old Olympic stadium; stand on the visible starting line and follow the historic track, sharing the experience of the old age athletes and enjoying like other tourists coming to visit this area. Using our exclusive private tour to Olympia, you can explore the interesting places like Olympia Archaeological sites and the Museum dedicated to the Olympic Games.

We will conclude the Olympia private tour by driving you back through the scenic geography of the Peloponnese and dropping you at your hotel or airport in Athens by the end of the evening. You can personalize your private tour to Olympia either on your arrival to Greece or by contacting our Athens transfer tour team in advance. Just book a private tour to Olympia and see the unbounded beauty of this legendary site. Let Mr. Giorgos Kounoupiotis join you for a memorable and exciting private taxi tour through:
the old Olympic stadium
the Temple of Zeus
the Bouleuterion

Additionally, you will enjoy shopping in modern Olympia or visiting the Museum in your spare time.

Our private tour to Olympia
Can be a few hours or one day tour, according to the point of departure
Uses well running and air conditioned fleet including Mercedes-Benz Ε320
Allows pick up from any place (your hotel, Piraeus port or Katakolon port …)
Is available at reasonable price.

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